Agency Tronber detective at Perpignan
=> The agency change its name! Erik Bertron remains in charge, and this since 30 years.
"Our expertise at your service" Votre détective privé à 30 ans

About us

The agency, which is bound by professional secrecy, puts at your disposal its skills, loyalty and discretion.

More, we bring a very attentive care to your problems in order to make a rational work in the mission you will entrust to us.

Know that you and us will together stydy the cast of the investigation, and that the consultation is free.
In accordance with the article 202 of the civil procedure code, the Bertron Agency's director notes that certificates given in bad faith and concerning practically inexat facts make up the crime of false certificate

The Agency commits itself to an absolute discretion (article 378 of  Penal code) and to making use of all its mears in order to complete the mission entrusted.


The BERTRON AGENCY lists some of its services

- Legal searches, judicial searches
- Searches and investigations on disappeared pessons
- Constitution in security matter
- Tailings of all kinds
- Line searches
- Reports of divorce procedures
- Solventy investigations
- Honourability on society investigations, honourability on persons investigations
- Timetables and deliveries checking
- Investigation on damages and consequences
- Investigations on disloyal competition, conterfeiting, sabotage
- Search of  debtors
- Civil and penal investigations

We can lead our investigations as well in France as abroad.

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Agence Tronber & Bertron

+33 (0) 630 870 250 / +33 (0) 468 675 342
3, rue Théodore Aubanel